MIKANU Beach Towel Blaket

39 EUR

We're shipping to Belgium, France and 27 more.

The perfect blankets for all season.

Our breathable and soft Turkish towels  are Hand Loomed and are made of 100% cotton.
Ideal for a day at the beach, daily blanket, for the home bathroom or spa. 

Characteristics: soft, light weight, absorb water quickly and dry very fast.

Keep you you cool in the summer and warm in the

Size: 95x170


Mikanu handmade & vintage is a young label of handcrafted bags and unique vintage pieces. Every bag we make is made one at a time, by hand - the ink colour is hand mixed. All steps are carried out by hand with attention to detail and quality in mind. We try to use either eco-friendly or organic fabrics. At some bags we used recycled leather straps. The perfect combination of vintage and new

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